Tools for Spiritual Growth, Protection and Self Love

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About My Shop:
I offer intuitive guidance sessions remotely and by phone, as well as tools which can be used for your spiritual energetic protection, self empowerment and self love. 

A Little About Me:
I am a clairsentient empath who feels deeply the energy of others and situations. I am a native Oregonian who currently lives in the Portland area. I grew up near the beautiful forests of the Cascades and I spent much of my childhood immersed in the woods. I have always been deeply sensitive and had the ability to read the energies of others, situations and environments. A clairsentient is someone who deeply and accurately senses other people’s feelings and emotions and has more direct awareness of this information and what it means, which can be utilized as psychic knowledge. Where a clairvoyant sees information with visual imagery within, the clairsentient has clear feeling that interprets the knowledge and awareness in a crystal clear way. 

In my adulthood, my gifts expanded further and I no longer questioned the accuracy of what my intuition and sensing was telling me. I can read energetic shifts and fine subtleties, that which is within you that is unconscious, I will pick up on that and bring the information into your awareness. When I do this, you may not understand the information, it will most likely take you time to process it, however once you get to the moment of internal recognition, that is when your shift and growth will really begin. 

I am a truth teller, I am direct and I see and feel what is happening in others' lives emotionally and spiritually. I feel the harmonious resonance of truth and I hear the discord, however subtle, in words spoken that are not true. 

I will help to assist bringing into your awareness changes that will benefit you. This means that there may be information you are not quite ready to hear, so please be aware of that. Sometimes we are not yet prepared for that which needs to happen and that's okay. The cutting away of old paradigms, the ways we think of ourselves and the identities we hold onto that no longer serve us—letting that go, can be painful and scary. I can offer you support and guidance through this process. 

In friendships and relationships, I have always been the catalyst for others in their own life transitions and have assisted in helping them find their own ability to reach a state of self-empowerment. I have often been the light switch that illuminates another’s path to change. I am not one to sit still when it is obvious that a shift in direction needs to occur, I navigate life moving towards that which feels good and help others find the courage and tools to do so as well. 


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